Meet the Team

Leaders become great, not because of their power

but because of their ability to empower others

Founder and Managing Partner

S K Seetharamu, is the Founder and the Managing Partner at Micron Electricals possessing immense knowledge in the field of Electrical Engineering and is known for his charisma. His proficiency in the design and execution of all types of EHV, HV and LT installations is impeccable. With over 41 years of real time experience, S K Seetharamu provides deep technical as well as managerial guidance to Micron Electricals dynamic and passionate team and thus ensures client satisfaction by meeting their exact needs. He is an industry thought leader and has gained the confidence of many Clients, Consultants, Project Management Consultants and Architects by offering them right solutions with a right mix. Due to his good governance in the trade market, he maintains a long standing relationship with various suppliers and OEM vendors. He is a strong believer of “Work is Worship” and is also fond of updating his knowledge frequently which has indeed inspired him to have a wonderful library in his cabin. He also holds IEEE membership which helps in fostering technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.


Narasimhan Seetharam, is the Partner at Micron Electricals who is decisive, action-oriented, results-focused and a management savvy professional. He possesses Master of Business Administration Post Graduate degree from the Nottingham University Business School, United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from PESIT, India. As it is stated ‘With great power lies great responsibility’, he has a wide role which involves Tender and Purchase negotiations, coordination and deployment of resources, organizing the tasks at various levels, Operations management, leading and monitoring the team with high motivation, finance and cash flow management. He plays a major role in being the front end for the end clients with respect to the Contract Division, Switch Board Division and the Sheet Metal Division. Narasimhan believes in equal opportunities and dignity of labour and also emphasizes on interdepartmental communication and integrated systems of team-work to achieve a significant leap in performance.


Krishnan Seetharam, is the Partner at Micron Electricals, who is known for his straightforwardness, honesty, networking capability and his zeal to adopt new ideas from various sources. He is in fact an Executive Director in Elins Switch Boards Pvt. Ltd. which is a sister concern of Micron Electricals and handles the complete operations over there. With his efficient support, Micron Electricals is able to deliver a quality product and service to the client within the projected schedule. Krishnan acts as a pillar and drives his team in meeting the production goals during tight schedules. He is a strong-minded person who believes in the fact ‘All in the mind’ and would utmost attempt for anything till he succeeds. Krishnan has built a good rapport with various clients, suppliers and vendors and indeed is a good negotiator. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical.

Chief General Manager

B S Madhusudhan, is the Chief General Manager at Micron Electricals who is aggressive and dynamic in his work. His ultimate goal is to make sure that adequate resources are allocated for the project and focus on the four main constraints of Project Management which include scope, time, cost and quality. He acts as a bridge between the client and the organization by constantly communicating with the Project Managers, reviewing the progress, updating the client with an appropriate status and also providing them with optimized and valuable solutions. With over 33 years of real time experience and the knowledge he possesses, he sets high standard in whatever he executes and acts as a standing example for all the onsite and offsite employees. Madhusudhan holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical.

Chief Operating Officer

H N Govindaraj, is the Chief Operating Officer at Micron Electricals and is the backbone of the company’s disciplined working. He is a strict administrator and has given confidence to all the employees to excel in their domain. He has taken lead role in representing the company in all Tender negotiations. Govindaraj has immense patience and respects the sentiments of the customers. He is completely committed to the clients satisfaction and is a go getter.

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