Name & Address of Client Worksite Address Architects Consultants Project Managers Type of Installation Period of Execution
TECH MAHINDRA LTD., TECH MAHINDRA LTD., RAJINDAR KUMAR ASSOCIATES SATYAVANI PROJECTS & CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD., CG CLAIMER (Sai Charan Engg. Pvt. Ltd.) Supply and Installation of Electrical Works at Tech Mahindra campus:
66kV Terminal Bay works at existing KPTCL MUSS at Electronic City, Phase-2:
Supply, Erection, Civil portion which covers:
a) 66kV, 1250A, 31.5kA Class Double Break manually operated Isolator – 1 No.
b) 66kV, 1250A, 40kA SF6 Circuit Breaker – 1 No.
c) 66kV Terminal line – Type 6L – 1 No.
d) Current Transformer – 1 No.
e) 66kV, 31.5kA CT of ratio 1200-800/1-1-1A – 3 Nos
f) 66kV Post insulators solid core – 6 Nos
g) Station Mounting Structures for equipments
h) Drake ACSR
i) PVC Insulated Copper Control Cables:
i) 19C x 2.5 –   200 Mtrs
ii)  4C x 6.0 –   350 Mtrs.
iii) 4C x 2.5 –   200 Mtrs.
iv) 2C x 2.5 –    200 Mtrs.
v) 2C x 150 –  550 Mtrs
vi) 10C x 2.5 –  550 Mtrs.
vii) 14C x 2.5 – 300 Mtrs.
viii) 2C x 1.5 –  250 Mtrs.
Modification of existing Terminal Bay at EC Phase-2 KPTCL MUSS to tapp 66kV Line and New making Net bay to tapp 66kV EHV Cable.
No.44, 45, 46(P), KIADB Industrial Area, Electronic city, Phase-2, Bangalore 66/11kV Substation at TMEC Campus, Electronic City, Phase-2, Bangalore B6/17, Shopping Center,
Safdurjung Enclave,
New Delhi-110 029.
A-23, Kushal Towers, Khairatabad, Hyderabad-500 004 Plot No.4&9, Vaishnavi’s Tanmay Plaza, Sy.No.18, 201, 2nd Floor, Opp. R.T.T.C, Cyber Hills, Gachibowli, Hyderabad-32 JULY’ 2015
Cabling Works:
1) 66kV, SLPE UG Cable – 6079 Mtrr (6.079KM)
2) 66kV Straight Joints suitable – 13 Sets
3) Outdoor type Cable End Termination – 6 Nos
4) Outdoor Mounting structures – 6 Nos
5) mounting structure for 66kV Surge Arrestor – 6 Nos
6) Terminal connectors to eonnect Cable End Termination – 6 Nos
7) 60kV, Class-3 Heavy Duty Surge Arrestors – 6 Nos
8) 12-Fibre Dual Windo Mono mode Optical Fibre Cable – 1900 – Mtrs.