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Why Micron Electricals

Micron Electricals is the right place for right people with right talent, looking for right opportunities. It is assured that you will drive through the road of great challenges and opportunities with proper guidance and motivation to reach the destiny called Success. The Management would welcome people who are talented, dynamic, innovative, technically-sound, hard-working, and results-focused.

At Micron Electricals, everyone is encouraged to achieve more and indeed we believe in dignity of labour. If you want to be along with the market leader and achieve consistent growth in your career, you know where you need to be –  “Micron Electricals”


Recruit, Retain and Retrain is the Human Resources philosophy of Micron Electricals which shows the fact that we select right people, retain the wealth of human resources and retrain the employees to meet the expectations and achieve high standards.

It is a boon for new comers and other employees to have highly experienced and efficient Managers in different departments to guide and motivate them in the right path. The technical skills and the soft skills of the employees are developed through continuous on-the-job learning process and training sessions.

We believe in Equality of employment and every individuals performance is recognized and appropriately incentivized.

The health and safety aspects of people working on site are taken care on high priority and various safety awareness camps and safety training programs are conducted which benefits individuals as well as the organization.


Work Culture

Micron Electricals prides itself in having a work culture that is transparent, employee-driven and solutions oriented. Through its primary Program, Micron Electricals management shares the strategy and vision for the company with all the employees. This way, the conventional closed-door policy format is overridden by the interactive and engagement driven format.
By giving employees the power to be involved in big as well as small strategy decisions; Micron Electricals ensures that the employees are always glued in to what is happening in the company.
This also facilitates the possibility of getting true, honest and constructive FEEDBACK from the employees – a practice that greatly helps improve offerings to clients and the work culture in general.
We also follow several motivational and team building activities or programs such as Annual Day Celebrations, Birthday Celebrations, Traditional Poojas, Ethnic Day, to name just a few.


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# Designation Location No of Positions Experience Action
1 Engineer – Purchase Bangalore 5 1-5 Years Job Description
2 Asst. Manager – Purchase Bangalore 2 5-10 Years Job Description
3 Revit Engineer / Modeller – Design Bangalore 10 2-5 Years Job Description