Name & Address of Client Worksite Address Architects Consultants Project Managers Type of Installation Period of Execution Value of Work in LAKHS (INR)
Compaq Computers India Compaq Computers India DWP Interics Consultants Sripeksha Consultancy Client’s Project Team LT Electrical Works for Cafeteria & Office Block at Terrace.
Pvt. Ltd., Pvt. Ltd., Pvt.Ltd Services Nov-00
Compaq Centre, No.92, Compaq Centre, No.92, 15, Yaro Mansion, No.3, Ground Floor, to 11.00
Industrial Suburb II Stage, Industrial Suburb II Stage, 2nd Floor, 11th B Cross,  11th Main, Dec-00
Yeshwanthapur Yeshwanthpur Haudin  Road, Ulsoor Mallswaram,
Bangalore – 560 022 Bangalore – 560 022 Bangalore  – 560 042 Bangalore – 560 003.