Name & Address of Client Worksite Address Architects Consultants Project Managers Type of Installation Period of Execution % Completed Value of Work in LAJHS(INR)
EXOTIC INNOVATIONS PVT. LTD., HEWLETT-PACKARD ENTERPRISE MINDSTUDIO PVT. LTD., YASH CONSULTANT JONES LANG LASALLE PROPERTY CONSULTANTS (I) PVT. LTD., Interior Fit-out Electrical Works comprising LT Panels, LT Cables and End Terminations, MCB DBs,  Conduit /Power Wiring,   Cable Trays, Raceways & Junction Boxes, Earthing, Power Receptacles, Light Fixturesetc.
Bangalore International Tech Park, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra
2nd & 3rd Floor
23,000 Sq.Ft. Area
Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore JULY’ 2021
70% 215.00