Name & Address of Client Worksite Address Architects Consultants Project Managers Type of Installation Period of Execution Value of Work in LAKHS (INR)
FUTURE VALUE RETAIL LTD., FUTURE VALUE RETAIL LTD., Electrical  Installation Work at an 30,000 Sq.Ft. Area, comprising Circuit Main / Point Wiring, LT Cables & End Terminations, Fire Alarm System, Raceways, Cable Trays, Junction Boxers,  Switches & Sockets and other accessories.
Central Procurement Cell, 247 Park, Tower ‘C’, 5th floor, LBS Road, Vikroli(W), Mumbai-400 079. Big Bazaar at Santhosh Nagar, Hyderabad
30,000 Sq. Ft. Area
JULY’ 2012
ARPIL’ 2013