S K Seetharamu, is the Founder and the Managing Partner at Micron Electricals possessing immense knowledge in the field of Engineering and is known for his charisma. His proficiency in the design and execution of all types of MEPF installations is impeccable. With over 4 Decades of real time experience, S K Seetharamu provides deep technical as well as managerial guidance to Micron Electricals dynamic and passionate team and thus ensures client satisfaction by meeting their exact needs. He is an industry thought leader and has gained the confidence of many Clients, Consultants, Project Management Consultants and Architects by offering them right solutions with a right mix. Due to his good governance in the trade market, he maintains a long standing relationship with various suppliers and OEM vendors. He is a strong believer of “Work is Worship” and is also fond of updating his knowledge frequently which has... Read More