Krishnan Seetharam, is the Partner at Micron Electricals, who is known for his straightforwardness, honesty, networking capability and his zeal to adopt new ideas from various sources. He is in fact an Executive Director in Elins Switch Boards Pvt. Ltd. which is a sister concern of Micron Electricals and handles the complete operations over there. With his efficient support, Micron Electricals is able to deliver a quality product and service to the client within the projected schedule. Krishnan acts as a pillar and drives his team in meeting the production goals during tight schedules. He is a strong-minded person who believes in the fact 'All in the mind' and would utmost attempt for anything till he succeeds. Krishnan has built a good rapport with various clients, suppliers and vendors and indeed is a good negotiator. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in... Read More