Name & Address of Client Worksite Address Architects Consultants Project Managers Type of Installation Period of Execution Value of Work in LAKHS (INR)
Tube Investment of India Tube Investment of India Chandavarkar & Thacker Semac Private Ltd. Providing  Electrical Installation Work for Housing Apartment Compelx having Ground and 2 Upper Floors in two different blocks located at Cunningham Road, Bangalore
Ltd Ltd (India) Pvt.Ltd. No.24, Palace Cross Rd, Client’s Project Team
Tiam House Services Ltd., Tiam No.8 & 8/1, Cunningham Road No.7, Bangalore – 560 020 1982 – 84 35.00
House, No.281, Rajaji Road, Bangalore Palace Cross road,
MADRAS – 600 001 Bangalore – 560020